Friday, May 23, 2014

Fix Embed Code Error in Blogger Template

Well, an error message appears when adding HTML/Javascript code to Blogger Template is a quite often Blogger error. That's not mean there is a problem with your script or your template, it's just because Blogger Template Editor (actually it's a XML editor) is not completely compatible with special character in script. It can happen when you add Google Adsense code, html tag or any kind of javascript code.

Why Do Errors Happen?

The HTML Editor of Blogger template is actually an XML editor and every HTML code in it must satisfies XML structure. With HTML, some error can be ignored and let's browser fix itself (browsers like Firefox, Chrome will automatically can fix HTML error and display exactly what's the coder wanted). But not with XML.

Every XML tag need a corresponding close tag and some special characters like &, <, " will make XML tag does not close properly. And that's why the parsing errors happen. Some kinds of parsing errors:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.

This is an old error message and you might not see it in Blogger nowaday, I guess. This error appears when you try adding Google Adsense code to your template. That's because Blogger XML did not accept the <script></script> tag.

“Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.”

This is also an old error message. It happened when you try to embed code from Adveritising Network like Bidvertiser, Chitika or Adbrite etc.

Error parsing XML, line 8, column 82: The reference to entity "xxx" must end with the ';' delimiter 

Finally, the typical blogger error message that you do encounter very often. With xxx is the error entity with special character right before it.
For example, this error happens when I add Google Font code to my template. The error at this picture below because of the & character before subset entity.
Blogger Parsing XML Error
Blogger Parsing XML Error
And this error when I added Facebook Javascript SDK, because of & character before appID.

Blogger XML Parsing Error
Blogger XML Parsing Error

How to fix this kind of error?

The error happens because of special character, therefore we need to change this character into xHTML entity.
The easiest way to fix it is use HTML Encoder/Converter from Howeblog to automatically convert special characters to xHTML entities.
How to use HTML Encoder/Converter
  1. Go to HTML Encoder/Convert Tools
  2. Paste your code in the first text box
  3. Select all the check box.
  4. Click Convert
  5. Get your code at second text box, copy and paste it in Blogger template editor.
How to use HTML Converter/Encoder

Does It Affect Your Original Code?

Not at all! This tool just converts special character into a valid xHTML entity, beside that, every line of code is kept. After add converted code to your template, , you can test by viewing your blog, then press Ctrl + U (View Source), find your code position and you will notice the converted code just like the original code.

Blogger Link List Widget Save Error

Link List Widget in Blogger is a popular widget which is used to make primary menu in many templates, include my template. If you have recently edited this widget, I'm pretty sure you would get an error message "Please correct the errors on this form", and this message still show although you try again and again. Not only you, but me and many other bloggers are having the same experience.
Link List Widget Error
Link List Widget Error

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Add Godaddy Promo Code before check out

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How To Remove Error and Locked Blogger Widgets

Unremovable widget is a very common problem of Blogger users. You may encounter this problem when you change your template and some widgets of this new template is unremovable. Some unremovable do not affect your template at all, it will not appear in your blog page, but they are still annoying  when you manage your widgets.
Locked Widget and Normal Widget
Locked Widget and Normal Widget
There is two kinds of unremovable widgets. The first is "error widget", which is not show any option when you edit it. The second is "locked widget", which can not move to anywhere and do not have Remove button when you edit it (such as Navigation and Attribution widget). This post will show you how to remove these kinds of widgets in very easy step.

STEP 1: 

You need to know what is widgetID of this unremovable widget. Go to Layout, click Edit corresponding to this widget. At popup window, look for widgetID at the end of URL bar, select and copy it.
Select and copy widgetID
Select and copy widgetID

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Expand Widget Templates in New HTML Editor?

After new Blogger Template HTML Editor was out, I received a lot of questions about the old "Expand Widget Templates". In this post, we will make it clear about Expand Widget Templates in new HTML Editor.

What Is Expand Widget Template

For who don't know, Expand Widget Template is a option of old HTML Editor. By default, the old editor only show core template code and hide others code like widget. It makes you easier to edit or customize Blogger Template. All widget code will only show if you check Expand Widget Templates option.
Expand Widget Templates Option
Expand Widget Templates Option

Where Is Expand Widget Templates

Well, in current HTML Editor, there will be no option Expand Widget Templates anymore. Why? Because all codes have been shown in new editor, that's mean you don't need to expand it anymore.
By default, all widget code have been folded. A concealed widget code section is identified by a fold marker, it's is an arrow symbol , next to the line number. You click into it, and the concealed widget code section is revealed.
Click Right Arrow Icon To Expand Widget Code
Click Right Arrow Icon To Expand Widget Code

How To Expand Widget In New HTML Editor

At the time, almost Blogger tips or tutorials are still within the old editor, so how to follow their instruction about "Expand Widget Templates"?

Search For Specific Section

If the tutorial requires you to find for a section of code, use Find function (Ctrl F) and find for it. If this section of code is in folded widget section, the concealed widget code will automatically expand.

Go To A Widget Code

If the tutorial requires you to find a widget code, use Jump to widget feature to quickly locate it. After that, click to expand this widget code before editing.
Jump to widget feature
Jump to widget feature